E-commerce Marketing Training

E-Commerce Marketing Course Training

NIIM is the leading e-commerce digital market course training in Delhi offering the online marketers a unique digital marketing course. The past decades have witnessed the rapid growth of e-commerce. Under the proper guidance of NIIM experts, you learn about e-commerce marketplace, its growing importance in the world today and marketing for e-commerce. You learn about the e-commerce scenario in India and in the world and the future prospects. Also, the pupil of NIIM will learn how SEO is important for an e-commerce site and how you can create and implement e-commerce marketing strategies that will drive revenues for such sites. Since e-commerce is growing at a tremendous rate, if you have extensive knowledge of e-commerce marketing you could establish regular clients and have a high paying career. After completing the whole advance digital marketing course, the students will understand the marketing and e-commerce and will have the complete in-depth knowledge of the following points:

  • How to sell products online
  • Learning all about ecommerce and ecommerce websites and the top ecommerce sites in the world
  • B2B/B2C, online retail, marketplace model and dedicated storefronts
  • Why ecommerce sites need ecommerce marketing
  • How to create ecommerce marketing strategy
  • Role of reviews on ecommerce
  • Shopping ads on search engine
  • How to SEO ecommerce websites
  • Use affiliate marketing to promote ecommerce sites
  • Use social media for ecommerce sites to generate new business and for customer support
  • Case studies

The students will understand the complete digital world and will be able to provide the unique e-commerce solutions. After the successful completion of the course, the students will be able to either work for some of the best e-commerce marketing company or will either work as the freelancer. We provide the best e-commerce market course in Delhi.

Courses syllabus
title estimate time spent time status
1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction 50:20 40:20 Complete
1.1 Creating your project 50:20 20:20 Learning
1.1 Document setup and background 50:20
1.1 Introduction 50:20 Private
Top 5 Tips for E-commerce Marketing
Which is the fastest growing e-commerce market?
India is the home to fastest growing e-commerce market in the world while France is the slowest one.
E-Learn 2015 - World Conference on Edugate Website
Pizza, Pizza hut was one of the first major brands to experiment with the online commerce, starting in the year 1994.
Easiest and fastest way to convert customers online?
Mobile is the fastest way to convert a customer. More than 80 % users search online using their smartphones.