How to Grab Freelancing Project

Learn How to Grab Freelancing Project

As your reputation and brand image grows so does the need to safeguard the reputation you have gained through hard work. This course teaches student what is online reputation, how to gain a positive reputation and then how to manage it. You learn the importance of reputation management and how you can handle various issues that are likely to arise. You also learn how to monitor your reputation and track negative comments, pursue them for take down or push them down. Students also learn about legalities and how much effective they are in various parts of the world.

  • Understanding lead generation, how it works and its importance for business
  • Importance of landing pages and thank you pages, landing pages vs websites
  • Best practices to create landing page
  • How to attract traffic to a landing page
  • Thank you page and various types of landing pages
  • Software to manage business leads
  • How to use auto responders
  • A/B testing and modification of landing pages
  • Lead capture, nurturing
  • Effective steps to convert the leads
  • Lead funnels
  • How to follow up leads
  • Different types off leads
  • Tricks to create business leads
Courses syllabus
title estimate time spent time status
1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction 50:20 40:20 Complete
1.1 Creating your project 50:20 20:20 Learning
1.1 Document setup and background 50:20
1.1 Introduction 50:20 Private
Top 5 Tips for How to Grab Freelancing Project
You will work less and more relax?
To become a successful freelancer, you must work very hard. Freelancers do enjoy the freedom of working hours and the can focus more on their passion by working for different clients at same time.
You can’t make a career as a freelancer?
This is purely a myth. Freelancers are not afraid of working in corporate sectors and work under pressure. But, they are more focused towards their passion. To be your own BOSS you must be sedulous.
Getting freelancing project is much easy?
NO, in order to, grab your first freelancing project, you have to compete with other freelancers. To grab the project, you must understand the need of the client.