Website Designing and Development

Website Designing and Development Training

The website is at the core of internet marketing. Students start off by learning about the internet and the web and then go on to learn about domain names, registration and web hosting on various types of web servers. The process involves booking a domain name, hosting the site and then designing a website. You upload the site, add plug-ins and use CMS to update it. Students learn about the design and visuals that impact visitors as well as search engine rankings. They also learn about underlying SEO techniques that will drive traffic to the website and make it a tool to generate revenues.

  • Understand domain names and domain extensions and domain registration
  • Understand websites, different types, purposes and applicability of each type
  • Understand web servers and web hosting
  • Conceptualize, design, architect and develop a website
  • Design and upload website after creating it and checking it on local server
  • Web hosting
  • Importance of CMS to update website, use CMS
  • Different types of websites
  • Types of Websites and CMS Tools
  • Ecommerce Website Development Basics of Search Engine Optimization
  • What is GWMT
  • Adding site and verification
  • Setting Geo target location
  • Sitemaps
  • Basics of HTML/CSS
  • What is Java Script
  • Why Word Press?
  • Word Press Installation on Server
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Changing the default Settings
  • Installing and customizing themes
  • Adding widgets to site
  • Installing useful plugins for site features
Courses syllabus
title estimate time spent time status
1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction 50:20 40:20 Complete
1.1 Creating your project 50:20 20:20 Learning
1.1 Document setup and background 50:20
1.1 Introduction 50:20 Private
Top 5 Tips for Website Disigning & Development
What is website designing?
Website designing is an amazing field where the creative artist meet the professional marketing.
Can I develop website without knowing language?
YES, of course, you can build a beautiful and amazing website even without knowing the proper technical knowledge.
Is SEO and Web designing interlinked?
Yes, a good web designer knows the importance of SEO. A web designing is more than simply designing. SEO is the key component.